Can we own full copyright of all the images?

Depending on what you book package-wise there are different licensing terms.  By default, US Copyright law states that at the moment of creation, the owner of the copyright is the author so Orange Photography would own the copyright but we often include a level of licensing appropriate to most of your needs.

As the contracting party you would receive our standard license which includes flexibility for non-commercial use. Extended licensing requirements only come into play when needing to avoid photography credits or for any commercial or paid advertising types of uses.

Freedom to use images on a company’s own website (and for promoting the next year’s event for example) typically comes as standard.

We can add extended licensing to your package at any time.

We us industry recognized PLUS for licensing.  You can find out more about PLUS (Picture Licensing Universal System) here.

We can modify packages prior to booking to include these PLUS licenses:
Licensing (PAMM: Marketing Materials)
Licensing (PAPA: Print Advertising)
Licensing (PAWE: Advertising: Web/Electronic)

Licensing (PERS: Personal Use)
Licensing (PEWE: Editorial: Web/Electronic)
Licensing (PICO: Internal Company Use)
Licensing (PPCO: Periodical: Cover)
Licensing (PPIO: Periodical: Interior)
Licensing PLUS PACK: All Commercial Use (PRCU)
Licensing PLUS PACK: Editorial Front Cover (PREC)
Licensing PLUS PACK: Editorial Inside Placement or Back Cover (PREI)
Licensing PLUS PACK: Internal Company (PRCO)
Licensing PLUS PACK: Print Ad or Display (PRAD)
Licensing PLUS PACK: Printed Marketing Materials or Product/Packaging (PRMP)
Licensing PLUS PACK: Web or Electronic or Broadcast – Commercial (PRWC)
Licensing PLUS PACK: Web or Electronic or Broadcast – Editorial (PREW)
Licensing: Commercial-use per image
Licensing: Free Download/Unlimited Personal Use (for more than 750 guests)
Licensing: Free Download/Unlimited Personal Use (for up to 250 guests)
Licensing: Free Download/Unlimited Personal Use (for up to 500 guests)
Licensing: Free Download/Unlimited Personal Use (for up to 750 guests)
Licensing: Per Gallery Negotiated Full Licensing (Large)
Licensing: Per Gallery Negotiated Full Licensing (Small)

We do also offer “Work for Hire”/”Buyout” giving ownership of the copyright for all images taken/delivered for your event. Please be aware, however, this copyright transfer rate reflects the additional cost of purchasing copyright for all images. Should you accept a Work for Hire package, the copyright will effectively be transferred and you will own exclusive rights to all photos taken. No photo credit or licensing is needed.  We can also offer a shared copyright option, but that is harder to coordinate, but is available.

Things to remember about copyright:

  • Copyright is a property right.
  • Just because you buy a print does not mean you have purchased the copyright.
  • Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation.
  • Photographers have the exclusive right to reproduce their photographs (right to control the making of copies).
  • Unless you have permission from the photographer, you can’t copy, distribute (no scanning and sending them to others), publicly display (no putting them online), or create derivative works from photographs.
  • A photographer can easily create over 20,000 separate pieces of intellectual property annually.
  • Professional photographers are dependent on their ability to control the reproduction of the photographs they create.
    • It affects their income and the livelihood of their families.
  • Even small levels of infringement—copying a photo without permission—can have a devastating impact on a photographer’s ability to make a living.
  • Copyright infringements—reproducing photos without permission—can result in civil and criminal penalties.
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