How much space will I need to set aside at my venue for the Photobooth?

A 12×12′ area is ideal but more space is better so that it’s not as cramped for guests.

A flat surface must be provided by the venue (ideally a 12’x12′ area) and also access to a regular outlet: 15 Amp 120 V. Our number one priority for outdoor use is a minimal wind environment  The actual photo booth is completely secure and safe in wind, but the wind will affect the backdrop cloth, people’s hair, and the print outs.  It is suggested that a table be provided for guests to place their things on, and also if you are using a scrapbooking kit or prop box. Keep in mind that if the booth is set up in direct sun, people may be squinting. Our technicians will suggest optimal placement if you need additional input.

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