What do I need to know about adding on Real Time/Live Projection?

As images are taken from the photo booth, they are transferred for guests to view.  People absolutely love seeing themselves and this is definitely a popular feature.

Details: In order for us to project the photo booth images we will need a table (ideally a high-boy table) that can accommodate the projector and laptop, or we can use your own venue's or AV partner's A/V setup (this is ideal).  If we are doing the project we also need an unobstructed path to an 8x8 wall space to project upon.  For an additional fee we also have a 7'x7' projection screen if needed.  Additionally, we can coordinate with on-site A/V teams to have images delivered to be projected through their equipment.

-This special add on does require a specifically trained photo booth technician and is only available contingent on that technician's availability for your date.

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